Network Segmentation

Protect your network with effective segmentation. Our network segmentation, provide expert guidance and protection against cyber threats.

What is network segmentation?

Especially in large organizations, trying to evaluate and manage the company network in one big piece would make things tangle, a lot. Network segmentation is the practice of dividing a computer network into smaller subnetworks, or segments, in order to improve network performance, security, and manageability. By dividing a network into smaller segments, an organization can better control and monitor network traffic, reduce the impact of security breaches, and limit the spread of malware or other types of cyberattacks.
Network Segmentation - S3M Security

Why network segmentation is important?

  • Improved network performance: By segmenting a network, an organization can reduce network congestion and improve overall network performance. This is because each segment can be designed to handle specific types of traffic, allowing for more efficient use of network resources.
  • Enhanced security: Network segmentation can also improve security by limiting the spread of security breaches and malware. By separating critical assets and sensitive data into separate segments, an organization can minimize the risk of unauthorized access and data breaches.
  • Compliance: Many industries and regulatory frameworks require organizations to maintain strict controls over data privacy and security. Network segmentation can help organizations meet these requirements by limiting access to sensitive data and providing greater visibility and control over network traffic.
  • Simplified network management: Finally, network segmentation can simplify network management by making it easier to monitor and troubleshoot network issues. With each segment containing a limited number of devices and applications, network administrators can more easily identify and resolve network problems, reducing downtime and improving overall network availability.

Be aware of any security vulnerability.

While creating a network security approach in the S3M Security NAC solution, it was aimed to provide full control and security in each network section by performing network segmentation. It aims to enable the organization to act more consciously in this regard by providing visualization of network traffic, and it ensures to be aware of any security vulnerabilities that may occur in operational activities. At the same time, applications, users, devices and services are separated from each other in a logical structure and each uses separate security techniques. Makes it easy to analyze policy violations and suspicious behavior. As network security techniques are applied in different ways, it increases operational efficiency and contributes to maximum profit with the security it will bring to processes.  
Network Segmentation - S3M Security

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