Let's Get ahead!

Our MSSP partners are important.

We want to categorize security operations differently. We believe that our business relationship with our MSSP partners is the strong ties we will establish to bring the technology we create to companies and bring its benefits to them. Because we have presented the world’s first MSSP NAC approach to organizations with over 20 years of security experience to detect, control and resolve advanced threats.


A new approach to make all the difference.
mSSP NAC for corporations.

EdgeBoX Console, powered by S3M Security, is an approach that combines MSSP and Network Access Control.
It elevates customers to high-level security levels remotely and on-premise, adopts zero-trust security models, and simplifies and automates them to increase resilience to next-generation cybersecurity threats from a single center, unit to whole.

What we aim and how we did it?

What we aım?

well-trained partners.

We aim to train partners who will be able to present our MSSP NAC approach perfectly to end users and will not have any trouble in fulfilling their demands after receiving a passing grade from the exams after the training of certification programs.

how we dıd?

2 certificate programs.

MSSP NAC Certification Programs consist of two certification exams. The first is the Technical Alliance Certificate and the second is the Sales Alliance Certificate. The one is for technical engineers and the other is for sales engineers.

certıfıed allıances.

be the expert of the product.

With these certification programs, our partners will be able to carry the title of "Certified S3M Security MSSP NAC Provider" and as such, they will be able to communicate with customers one-to-one in pre-sales and post-sales activities.


ready to reach new heights? Let's get there, together.

Let’s be winners.

If you would like to be our MSSP NAC partner and reach out the certificate programs, we would be happy to deepen the details with you.
Please fill out the form at the button below and choose if you would like to be our reseller, distributor or MSSP Partner.