S3M NAC Free Edition

No Cost for Up to 50 Users!

S3M Security offers the NAC Free Edition, a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your network, perfectly suited for businesses managing 50 users or less. This edition provides complete access to our trusted Authentication and Endpoint Protector modules at no charge. The user-friendly design and straightforward deployment process make it an ideal choice for not only small and medium-sized businesses but also for enterprises with smaller user groups.

We recognize that the network security is a critical need for businesses, especially those operating with finite resources. S3M NAC Free Edition is our response to this need, delivering a powerful and reasonably licensed advanced NAC system. It empowers you to efficiently control network access, swiftly identify and segregate compromised devices, and implement stringent security policies to protect sensitive data. Customizability is a key feature, allowing the solution to be fine-tuned to the specific demands of your business.

Community-Focused Support

While the Free Edition does not include direct product support, it is supported by a rich community platform where users can collaborate and support one another. This peer-based support ecosystem is instrumental in enabling small businesses to leverage advanced NAC technology and fortify their network security.

Interested in learning more about the modules included in the Free Edition? Visit our Authentication (AAA) and Endpoint
Protector Module pages for detailed information. Begin your journey towards a secured network with S3M Security.

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