Ensure secure network access for all external users on Wi-Fi networks. Advanced hotspot features enable guest access safe and compliant.

How Hotspot works?

Guest entering your network, authorizing your business partners on your systems, granting access to your corporate network by different types of devices are factors that increase security risks. A well-designed multi-dimensional network access control helps you manage your third-party access and keep the data flow secure. S3M Hotspot module simplifies workflow processes for guest network accesses. Instead of network administrators creating a separate account for each visitor, guests can access the system themselves. Allows guests trying to access to register and authenticate.
Hotspot Dashboard
Hotspot - S3M Security

Flexible network access structure

The module supports Credentials, SMS, E-Mail and Corporate Guest Network Access Sponsor structures. These features can be used separately as well as integrated. During guest network access, device information and user information of the users who come to register to the portal are collected and stored. This information can be transmitted to an external server and stored there, if desired. Hotspot module also provides network access authentication by integrating it with databases (card door access system, personnel tracking system, etc). The flexible nature and vendor agnostic behavior of the Hotspot module ensures that it can work seamlessly with all products that support the L3 External Captive Portal. External captive portal allows user authentication from external sources, usernames and roles can be sent to integrated firewalls with Network Single Sign-on. The flexibility of its architecture allows an unlimited number of portals to be created. You can direct your users to registration and verification portals customized according to IP, location or routing parameters.

Customize your interfaces

As it is the principle of freedom in use: organizations can create their own interfaces and design their own page styles. There are some addable form fields where the requested data can be collected and verified entirely through the interface, and guests can be offered registration and verification options in every scenario. With the internal content area, all content and files distributed for guests can be shared through this interface without the need for an external server. This module also saves the waiting time of the authenticating user and device with the MAC Cache feature, and can perform automatic authentication in a timely manner with the same MAC and username information.
Hotspot - S3M Security

Critical Features

customizable - hotspot - s3m security

Customizable interfaces

Create custom pages and specialize them according to your corporate identity.
no need for any externals - hotspot - s3m security

No need for any externals

Content and files distributed for guests can be shared through this interface, without the need of another server.
flexible - hotspot - s3m security

Flexible and Fast

Supports a lot of services. Gives a lot of space to work for your own good.

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