S3M Security offers the NAC Free Edition, a comprehensive solution for safeguarding your network, perfectly suited for businesses managing 50 users or less. This edition provides complete access to our trusted Authentication and Endpoint Protector modules at no charge. The user-friendly design and straightforward deployment process make it an ideal choice for not only small and medium-sized businesses but also for enterprises with smaller user groups.


Guest Access Portal

S3M Hotspot addresses the guest network security challenges by introducing a multi-dimensional network access control system, carrying the guest access process and significantly lightening network administrators' workloads. Instead of creating separate accounts for each visitor, Hotspot enables guests to access the system autonomously. This self-service feature simplifies the process for guests to register and authenticate, allowing them to easily connect to the guest portal.

Adaptable Guest Access Structure

The Hotspot module stands out with its flexible network access structure that supports various access methods, including Credentials, SMS, E-Mail and Corporate Guest Access Sponsor structures. Users can benefit from these methods individually or collectively. Once a guest is registered on the network, Hotspot actively collects device and user information and offers the option of storing this data on an external server. Additionally, Hotspot seamlessly integrates with a variety of databases, including card guest access, door access, and employee tracking systems, to provide a comprehensive network access authentication process.

The module’s vendor-agnostic design ensures it works seamlessly with all products supporting the External Captive Portal. This portal actively enables user authentication from external sources and directly sends usernames and roles to integrated firewalls, facilitating   Network Single Sign-On. Its adaptable architecture allows administrators to create various guest access or user portals, customizable based on IP, location, or routing parameters, enhancing the hotspot’s functionality.

The module enables organizations to create and design their own interface styles. It offers customizable form fields for data collection and verification, providing various registration and verification options for guests in any scenario. Additionally, it includes an internal content area for directly sharing content and files through the interface, eliminating the need for an external server.

Hotspot also boosts efficiency with the MAC Cache feature, which reduces the waiting time for the authenticating user and device. It allows for automatic authentication using the same MAC and username information, streamlining the process for repeated access.

Securing Connections,
Simplifying Access

S3M Hotspot stands as a solution for businesses looking to safely and efficiently manage guest internet access. By offering a versatile and customizable network access control system, it significantly reduces administrative burdens while enhancing security and user experience. It's not just about connecting to a network; it's about ensuring that connection is as seamless and secure as possible.

To explore how our Hotspot module can benefit your organization, please contact us for more information and a detailed consultation.

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