The Challenge for
Managed Security
Service Providers

MSSPs often face a significant hurdle: the lack of specialized tools for managing network security operations. Traditional NAC products do not cater specifically to the unique needs of MSSPs in the realm of cybersecurity. This gap presents challenges in efficiently protecting client networks from unauthorized access and potential threats, often leading to complexities in ensuring strong security and compliance.

Introducing EdgeBoX:
A Unique Solution for MSSPs

EdgeBoX emerges as a groundbreaking solution in the cybersecurity landscape, offering the world's first MSSP NAC approach meticulously crafted for the nuanced requirements of MSSPs and their diverse clientele. This innovation marks a significant stride in addressing the long-standing need for a specialized tool tailored to the complex challenges in the cybersecurity domain. EdgeBoX is especially beneficial for organizations that operate with distributed branch infrastructures or those that manage a centrally controlled multi-domain setup with varied authorization levels.What sets EdgeBoX apart is its deep understanding of the operational intricacies MSSPs encounter. It's not just a tool; it's a strategic asset that enhances the capabilities of MSSPs to manage and secure networks more effectively and efficiently.

Key Features
Benefits of EdgeBox

Network Security:

Offers comprehensive management control by integrating capabilities such as remote control, location tracking, and notifications for hardware changes.


Provides enhanced security and operational efficiency using a two-layer management and verification system.

Network Management:

The centralized management platform of EdgeBoX simplifies the oversight of network access. This streamlining makes it easier for MSSPs to maintain and secure networks efficiently.

Versatile Authentication
and Service Options:

EdgeBoX offers radius-based authentication, TACACS+, Hotspot, and both agent and agentless NAC services. Its flexibility in management extends to both private and public cloud environments, catering to diverse organizational needs.

EdgeBoX represents a significant leap forward in providing MSSPs with a dedicated tool for network security operations. Its design and capabilities reflect a deep understanding of the MSSP sector's requirements in cybersecurity.

Explore EdgeBoX for Your MSSP Needs

Don't compromise on network security. Discover how EdgeBoX can enhance your ability to protect business-critical data. Contact us for more information about EdgeBoX and its role in revolutionizing MSSP network security operations.

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