MSSPs are different sets of security products. EdgeBoX just shows up and provide the world's first MSSP NAC experience to the customers.


MSSP NAC is a powerful solution that enables Managed Security Service Providers to protect their clients’ networks from unauthorized access and potential threats. With MSSP NAC, you can take control of your network security and safeguard your business-critical data. EdgeBoX is a state-of-art technology and we are offering the world’s first MSSP NAC approach with it.
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EdgeBoX - S3M Security

How does MSSP NAC work?

MSSP NAC works by enforcing access policies that dictate who can access your network, and what level of access they are granted. By using advanced technologies such as endpoint detection and response (EDR), security information and event management (SIEM), and intrusion prevention systems (IPS), MSSP NAC can detect and block unauthorized access attempts in real-time. MSSP NAC offers several benefits for businesses, including:
  • Enhanced network security: MSSP NAC provides a robust layer of protection against unauthorized access attempts and potential security threats.
  • Improved compliance: MSSP NAC can help businesses meet compliance requirements by enforcing access policies and monitoring network activity.
  • Simplified management: MSSP NAC provides a centralized platform for managing network access, making it easier to maintain and secure your network.

Why choose this approach?

EdgeBoX is designed to meet the unique needs of MSSPs and their clients. It is a cyber security solution have been designed to be used in MSSP activities in organizations with distributed branch infrastructure or centrally managed multi-domain infrastructure and authorizations. It provides radius-based authentication, TACACS+, Hotspot, and agent/agentless NAC service and can be managed by private or public cloud. Don’t leave your network security to chance. Contact us today to learn more about EdgeBoX and how it can help you protect your business-critical data.
EdgeBoX - S3M Security

Critical Features

special vpn - edgebox

Special VPN

It has its own VPN infrastructure to make a secure connection.
ease of configuration - edgebox

Ease of Configuration

Low hardware resources and store configuration settings.
one console - edgebox

One Console to Rule ‘Em All

Use only one console to control all edges.

Other Products

Free NAC

Are you looking for a NAC that will provide everything you need? Free NAC is now available so small businesses can benefit from advanced NAC!

Authentication (AAA)

3 main elements: Authentication, Authorization and Accounting. AAA uses radius attribute management tool to ensure that only authorized users.

Endpoint Protector – EPP

Protect your endpoints. Gain the unique benefits of Hybrid NAC and comply your endpoint protection with your network security.


Ensure secure network access for all external users on Wi-Fi networks. Advanced hotspot features enable guest access safe and compliant.

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