Hybrid NAC

Agent and agentless NAC, together and better, first in the world. Get the advanced features of Hybrid NAC with Endpoint Protector product.

Agent and Agentless NAC: What are those?

The well known example of agent-based NAC is the 802.1X protocol. It is an IEEE-defined protocol to prevent elements from connecting to the network before being assigned an IP address. All endpoint devices, network devices, and legacy hardware must be configured to use 802.1X. Agentless network access control works flexibly without any additional setup. This type of network access control evaluates the availability and visibility of both endpoints before the user is allowed to access the network. The problem with this type is that authorization is achieved through evaluation of network traffic.
Hybrid NAC - S3M Security

But... What are the pros and cons?

Agent structure network access control is a type of network security system that regulates access to a network by requiring authentication from users and devices trying to access it. It uses an agent-based approach, where an agent is a software module that is installed on each endpoint device on the network, such as a computer or mobile device. The agents communicate with a centralized server that manages access control policies for the network. The server verifies the identity of the user or device requesting access and determines whether they are authorized to access the network resources based on the policies configured in the system. Agentless NAC can be easier to deploy and manage than agent-based NAC solutions, as it does not require any software to be installed on the endpoints. However, it may be less effective at identifying and controlling endpoints that are not visible on the network, such as those connected over VPN or through wireless access points.

So... How we can eliminate the cons and provide the pros?

S3M Security has come with the Hybrid NAC technology to use the advantages of both types and to minimize the disadvantages, by breaking new ground in the world. It is the first and only one of its kind. A new Hybrid NAC concept, which can be customized according to the needs of the IT administrator, has been introduced by combining the agent and agentless EPP module that can work together or each alone, where the advanced agent architecture will be least affected by this situation, in a more flexible and customizable platform. The dependency on 802.1x has also been eliminated with the support of the agentless architecture. All the data collected in the agent architecture is also supported by the agentless architecture with Powershell, SSH, WMI and CMD commands, freeing access to the data that the agent does not receive in the current structure, but needs a lot. So, with this solution, S3M Security eliminate the agent based solutions’ heavy and fragile structure problems, use their benefits and have made it as easy to use, accessible and easy to integrate as agentless NAC solutions.
Hybrid NAC - S3M Security

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